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Best country to drive a nice car?

What are some of the best places to drive a nice car? Needs to be beautiful scenery, excellent roads, no traffic, limited police and speed cameras etc

I was thinking the garden route in South Africa.
28 Aug, 2023

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I read this article and the countries they say are the best are in my opinion many of the worst.

Im all for road rules, stringent licensing etc, but you dont want pedantic law enforcement, you just want to share the road with competent and considerate drivers. As such I think a country like Australia is a bad place to own a sports car as its littered with shit drivers, overzealous cops. cameras (many of which are hidden), and the fines are massive.
28 Aug, 2023
I went on a boss road trip around former Yugoslavia a few years ago and the views in Bosnia are so good mate. I did get caught speeding but the fine was like €5 and it was a mobile camera. The GPS even told me it was there and I didn't believe it - my fault. I was only speeding because everybody else was right up my arse if I didn't speed, so I assumed I'd misunderstood the limit.

Anyway that was the only one I seen in the whole region, and it caught me.
28 Aug, 2023
Yugoslavia (and eastern europe) makes sense actually. Safe but under regulated.
28 Aug, 2023
Just seen a video on Romania of all places great stretch of road
07 Oct, 2023
Italy or Croatia
01 Nov, 2023
Just drove a beautiful Ford Ranger in Fuerteventura. I received 2 speeding tickets and a massive telling off. The sand dunes were stunning
16 Dec, 2023

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