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Calling all members.....


Who- Calling all soldiers, our faithful General, gracious Lt. General, lanky Colonel and trusty Corporal.
What-Meet up, drink, smoke, ride scooters, be happy.
When- Sometime in 2024
Where-Medellin, Co.
Why-Cause why the **** not.

Who's in?
This needs to be a yearly event to celebrate the Army Kurt has created around the world.
17 Apr, 2023
7 6 1

Comments (3)

2024 is so far away!

If any Soldiers or Corporals meet up anywhere in the world, make sure you send those photos to us on the Conquest Instagram
18 Apr, 2023
im going to be in Panama City Panama in June 2023 is not my firt time there,anyone want meet up?
31 May, 2023
If anyone is visiting Norway, hit me up!
04 Jun, 2023

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