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character traits and necessary skills

Whether on a new continent, new country, or new city for the first time...
What are some of the most important character traits and necessary skills that make for a successful new adventure?
31 Mar, 2023

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The ability to stay calm whilst one or more men are trying to scam you is something you need to be working on. It happens so often, especially outside tourist attractions or airports.

There's a time to argue, a time to get aggressive and a time to leave/run. You need to figure out which is the best approach each time.
01 Apr, 2023
Trust locals

And be confident to say no to any sellers scammers or even beggers. Any hesitation they will pounce on you a firm but polite no thank you and keep on working.

And finally learn the currency and the layout of the land use the time on the plane train whatever to read up on where u going what to expect etc etc.
01 Apr, 2023
Learn the currency, that's a good one. Be able to quickly know how much it is in your currency or something like dollars, so you can compare the price.
01 Apr, 2023

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