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What type of content would you guys like to see on here and for us to add to the site?
We are currently working on new features to add more value to conquest for you guys.
For now which types of corporal videos would you like to see more often?
- Videos with girls
- In dangerous hoods
- Tips and information on various topics like making money, dating, travel, staying fit, fighting, self improvement etc (Anything related to what I can talk about)
Let me know if you have any ideas or would like to see certain topics being covered.
Interested to see your thoughts.
08 Sep, 2023
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It would be great to get some more content around your passion for staying fit and MMA, did you ever compete in powerlifting or anything else? Maybe a series on trying different martial arts?
Its always nice to meet your female companions :D
08 Sep, 2023
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Local beer beer and beer seriously though

Its good to see people mentioning MMA and Pride I loved the stuff in Brazil with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and the the Muy Thai in Thailand. I would also love u to revisit Africa the countries u went with your old man and brother. Maybe football that went down well the Colombia
Categoria Primera . Back story of you working before youtube and what u really think of England lol. Countries visited and countries on the wishlist. Lastly bit of a strange 1 I'll prob be the only 1 who requests this currency topics I love stuff like that where u go to a country and get the local money.

That's the things off the top of my head
08 Sep, 2023
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Definitely martial arts and weight training stuff!!!
08 Sep, 2023
Your back story please!!!
08 Sep, 2023

Your back story please!!!...
Coming in a new Not Bothered Podcast episode soon. 🫡
08 Sep, 2023

Local beer beer and beer seriously though Its good to see people mentioning MMA and Pride I loved the stuff in Brazil with Brazilian jiu-jitsu an...
I try to keep one note, or a coin if necessary from the countries I visit. A Venezuelan friend gave me some Bolivars that were worth absolutely nothing and a couple of Ecuador's old currency a while back. I don't own many things, but I think currency is cool.
08 Sep, 2023
Good to hear yea I love keeping old notes think it's cool especially as u say unique countries

Ecuador yea I was told they had there own currency Venezuela nice 1 👍

1 other idea a dunno if it's possible on this platform a Kurt Caz visits x country thread he can post pics and others can if they have visited
09 Sep, 2023
I personally am a fan of hearing stories from the locals on how they view life.
14 Sep, 2023
The videos with the girls are nice , would like to see fighting/self improvement and how to make more money videos as well . Also , how to improve Spanish would be great
23 Sep, 2023
Mateo Burt
Kurt, you are doing great. You continue to push the envelope. Loved the DR/Haiti trip.
I am entranced by local cultures.
Really liked the newest Papua New Guinea. Great story, well told. And speaking English too!
I hope you can continue to find new places.. This world of ours is only so big...
27 Sep, 2023
Make videos with Alexandra, she is a good travel companion, she is fun and seems to like laughing, expressive, polite, smiling, she seems to like adventure and a very pretty young lady
30 Sep, 2023

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