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Crazy travel experiences!

Seeking your craziest travel experiences! What is the craziest thing you have done while traveling?
24 May, 2023

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Either kayaking over the border from Mexico to Belize, or crossing a mountain through a minefield from Croatia to Bosnia.

Both were pointlessly dangerous as there were real border crossing stations nearby. Just sounded fun at the time. I'm too old now to do that sort of shit again.
27 May, 2023
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Either driving through favelas in Brazil alone (stupid gps showing wrong ways), or approaching and talking to Israeli soldiers by their tanks on the Syrian border (2017 when there was still some action in the area).
04 Jun, 2023
When summiting Mt.Fuji i thought it was possible to camp overnight at the summit like a retard. It was raining, freezing, windy, and the sun had already gone down but all would be fine as long as i made it to the summit. I get there ~9pm and not a soul in sight. Sunrise was in 6 hours, so i decided to put all the clothes i had brought on but was still shivering and wet.

The situation was getting rather serious and i had two viable choices. Stay on the summit and outlast hypothermia for 6-8 hours, or descend 750m on dark, slippery terrain. Calculating your own mortality is a strange experience. I chose to descend. My phone's flashlight died, i slipped a few times, but made it to the cabin and summited again a few hours later.
05 Jun, 2023
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