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Ecuador will it be the next El Salvador


This popped up on my news threads this morning. I knew Guayaquil was dicey but Quito I am shocked. I love Ecuador had a great time there the 30 days went so fast. Saying that its the only hotel that shut the front door at 7pm every night big locks and fancy cctv checking before they would let u in. I had the receptionist pleading with me not to go out 😂. I hope Ecuador can sort the problems out. It's a beautiful country to visit.
10 Aug, 2023

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That is crazy. I was in Quito for about 6 weeks during Covid. I didn't really come across any issues, except with one Airbnb host who thought he was Rocky. 😆

A lot of people I spoke to there warned me about leaving my Mrs alone anywhere. Even when she stopped to take a photo, a guy ran out of a restaurant to tell me to go back to her as I was too far away (about 20 feet). Maybe they've seen some shit.

Galapagos was pretty cool. Apart from revisiting Galapagos, I don't think I'd go back to Ecuador. What about you guys?
11 Aug, 2023
I spent a few weeks in Quito, and the surrounding area, last year. Half the time I had local friends with me, but even without that, I felt quite safe. I didn't have a single tricky situation, and wouldn't say I was very careful either.

In general, the Ecuadorian people were extremely welcoming and warm to me. I think as long as you can pull off "hunter eyes" and have a few Spanish jokes in your repertoire, noone will really mess with you.

I will say though, I met countless people who shared stories with me about what had happened to them (gun-point robberies, car break-ins, scopolamine). So definitely not a place to fck around carelessly.
12 Aug, 2023
I would go back tomorrow loved it there. Galapagos I didn't have chance to visit because covid you needed loads of tests and 2 transfer companies said you had to have the valine so sacked it off. I would also go back to spend a week in the Amazon I found s guy who has family living there. But yea I would go back would prob Group it with Brazil or Peru

scopolamine I just don't believe it. Half of it is people getting pissed up. 1 quater of it is people slipping sedatives in your drink and the last quater is people just bullshitting. Can u imagine if there was a dog that was out there that made people that did anything u wanted. I would love to be proven wrong but it's bull crap in my opinion. Yes the drug exists but the stories are just way to funny. 1 guy helps a criminal gang to move all his stuff out of his house lol
13 Aug, 2023
Unknown user

I would go back tomorrow loved it there. Galapagos I didn't have chance to visit because covid you needed loads of tests and 2 transfer companies said...
The whole scopolamine thing always struck me as somewhat of a fairytale too, I have never seen any reliable information or evidence related to that drug and its effects on the human body/mind. In the remote past I have had plenty of experience with plenty of drugs, so I am not worried about that sort of thing other than keeping a close eye on my drink when in unfamiliar company. It got famous from Vice, who since have become notorious for printing grossly sensationalised nonsense.
22 Aug, 2023
A friend came back recently he is convinced its Rohypnol. I went Poland with the lads had
Rohypnol in this bar that turned out to be a strio club swear that's what happens. U go into a bar free Vodka next thing women come out here we go 😂😂

Kurt Caz meet up Krakow. Its funny u just look after your mates
16 Dec, 2023

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