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Fitness: Travelling and at Home

I've started working out quite a bit. I've a good discipline going 3x a week to the gym but still a bit of a novice when it comes to building muscle. Does anyone have any resources/routines they'd recommend when it comes to nutrition and workouts for functional strength? I work in a desk job, so not much activity though the day. I work out early morning. My aim is a base level physique that I can use to start into martial arts.

Additionally, a question for Kurt, how do you manage staying fit while travelling, with all the drinking and eating that comes with it?
08 Jun, 2023

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It depends what you really want and how much time you invest into your physique. If you want to build muscle: A lot of good food + Good rest + Workouts, these things are essentials, also you if you want to be more fit you can include a few cardio workouts a week(running is great) it will burn your fat and improve the work of your cardiovascular system.
15 Jun, 2023

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