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Going to Colombia - bag packing

Hello everbody

I am going to Colombia in march with my girlfriend, we are meeting up with some of her friends (two girls) who are bag packing from Mexico.
I have no experience with travel ( I only went to Berlin ) on a school trip like 10 years ago.

We are going to Cartagena and then we take the bus to Santa marta where they want to slow move back to cartagena again. the trip is 2 weeks for me and my girlfriend.

I read a lot about Colombia in the news where they are mentioning robberies, kidnappings and murders are on the rise. This is making me concerned and I am a very nervous / anxious person in general ( I over think everything ).

I know that these things can happen everywhere and of course I will try to follow the recommendations not to tempt people.

but what I am asking for is some advice on how to behave & how the situation is in generally in Colombia and maybe in the cities ( Cartagena, barranquilla, santa Marta.

01 Feb, 2024

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