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Going travelling

I’ve just had an accident and would like to go travelling when able to walk again, just wondered if anyone has any tips for going travelling solo for the 1st time. Any good counties and just general tips for staying safe
11 Apr, 2023

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Hope you recover soon mate.

Some tips from me, I'm sure others will throw their tips in too.

- Buy a sim card at the airport so you've always got data.
- Don't carry lots of cash, your bank card probably works in their ATMs. There's only a few countries that don't accept Mastercard/Visa and you're probably not going there.
- Uber/Careem/Bolt/Grab - Use these apps for taxis or you'll probably get scammed. (Or whatever the app is in the country you visit)
- Maybe try a country where you can speak the language as your first solo trip.
- Don't assume you're Rambo, stay away from dangerous places.

Enjoy yourself and I wish you a fast recovery.
11 Apr, 2023

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