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Jesus christ has anyone seen this guy?

epic epic levels of cringe. Guy has 0 game and clearly pays these women. Obviously I'm not a feminist but the way he approaches women is beyond disrespectful. If I see him in my Latin country it's hands on site. Watch his first video in Medellin, he looks coked out of his mind.

He seems to collaborate with volpe alot? which is weird cause that guy is a half decent vlogger. Roberto is just a total clown. Also the brave cuban hero Timmy karter was in a couple of his videos - he's probably intelligent enough to know to stay away from roberto though
15 Aug, 2023
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I was touring Thailand the same time as him earlier this year so his vids started popping up in my feed. I doubt he had 10k followers then but has since exploded.

I only skimmed through his videos as his content is incredibly lowbrow, but he seems like a friendly guy. Certainly very strange and eccentric, but harmless. No need to attack him on site. Lol. Have a chat to him and tell us about it. He might be quite interesting.

Actually that cartegenia video was the first of his ive watched in full. He was trying to films girls feet. Lol. So weird
15 Aug, 2023
roberto in funny and entertaining the guys crazy but i like him. I noticed him and Timmy unfollowed eachother on insta so that must be another youtuber Timmy has fallen out with
15 Aug, 2023
Just don't watch his videos if you don't like him mate.
15 Aug, 2023
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Just a guy out there loving life, loving them international women
18 Aug, 2023
Jsut watched the first few minutes of his latest video. He was riding a horse in Cartagena. Actually very funny and creative. Seems like a cool guy

[Link removed]
20 Aug, 2023
Rent free😭
05 Sep, 2023

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