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How to Start on Youtube?

I Saw a lot of Kurt Caz videos and Im always asking "How"
How its possible
Don get me wrong, Im here in good faith

I would love to start a thing like this and bring this type of content to my country, is something that doesnt exist

But how. Should I have a job during the trips? Should I quit my job and risk? I really dont know and Im lost in my life

Hope you don get me wrong with this, im here asking in good faith, trying to learn with the one who already accomplished
22 Jun, 2023

Comments (3)

If want to do this should I moved to the country and start to live there or book 1 month, make content and then comeback?
22 Jun, 2023
Travel to nearby locations and just start pumping content. Anything can gain traction on the internet. See if you actually like making content. Most are not willing to even upload themselves so you'll already be ahead of many.
23 Jun, 2023
My tip would be Saudi Arabia its really taking off over there. You have boxing and football (soccer) they have really opened up tourism. And yea basically find a niche if I was a young lad again would do football vids in every country going to a league game.
01 Aug, 2023

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