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Kurt Caz sub Reddit

Have any if you seen the sub Reddit? 50% of the group HATE Kurt, and the other 50% really, really, REALLY love him. Like really love him. It's hilarious 😂
15 Apr, 2023

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Haha. I just read through some threads. Obviously you can laugh at jealous, delusional online haters. One guy started a poll asking if Kurt slept with Mulvey, and another guy asks a poil what weapon he should fight Kurt with (who he says is amazing and cute and better than everyone). lol. Wtf is wrong with people these days
15 Apr, 2023
Kurt isn’t allowed friends, or money. He must stay poor and lonely.

They’re the rules or 43 people on Reddit will stop watching his videos. 😆
15 Apr, 2023
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People who hate on Kurt will be the same people who will fall behind this generation. There has never been this level of class mobility. Unlimited money printing combined with accessibility and disruptive technology. It has never been easier to make money online.
16 Apr, 2023
Idk how anyone could watch Kurt's videos and not feel anything but inspired.
22 Apr, 2023
yeah I don't understand people feel the need to drum up such drama.
23 Apr, 2023

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