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Kurt's most recent camera / suggestions

Hey guys, i want to go travel and make video's about some countries aswell.

Do you have any suggestions on what a good camera will be for this purpose ? The camera has to be either waterproof or have the option to buy a waterproof case for it because i will be filming in and around the water alot aswell.

I was also wondering on which camera the most recent one is that Kurt used in Dubai, i couldn't really read the brand by watching the video but it looks like a nice camera to start with.

Happy to be a part of the community since today, looking forward to shooting video's myself and watching Kurt's adventures when i have the time :)
24 Aug, 2023

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Waterproof just go for a go pro.

I use a Sony Vlog camera ZV-1 and a Sony GP-VPT2BT Handgrip. If u do get a decent camera be very careful. With the camera and your smart phone u talking anywhere from a grand to 2 grand. You basically have a Rob me sign above your head. Maybe if u are just starting out go for a entry level camera and see how u go. I'm sure that's what many youtubers and vloggers did even they 1st started. And lastly a camera is like a watch well for me anyway its very personal so have a good look and go from there.

Good luck 👍
27 Aug, 2023

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