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Let's make an app

Curt I'm an app developer let's develop an app for you to put everything together so we can achieve goals as a community
24 Aug, 2023

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Unknown user
What ideas did you have related to purpose and functionality? What's the gap in the current app market that this could potentially fill?
24 Aug, 2023
Thanks for the suggestion Pavel, but we have a development agency that we work with already that would develop an app if Kurt decided that Conquest needed an app in the future.

However, if people want to use this thread to throw ideas out of what they would like to see on an app, that would be cool - there may be some useful suggestions.
24 Aug, 2023
The app doesn’t need to beat any other social media but focused on creating a community of like minded freedom chasers. Simple to use and user friendly should be the goal.
25 Aug, 2023

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