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Meet up this summer!

Unknown user
Thought I would post a message to gauge interest in a meet up this summer. I am heading to Germany anyway and I think it’s sort of a central place that everyone could get to, but i understand it’s also expensive so I’m open to flying from there to somewhere else as well.

The plan: I think we grab rooms in a hotel for a couple of days all go out for food take in the sights of surrounding areas, I can’t lie somewhere with a beach would be nice! I’m up for any suggestions as to what else we could do. Also, if anyone is in the U.K. you are welcome to jump in the car with me over to Germany or on the same flight to wherever we decide to go.

Doesn’t have to be long just a few days (3/4/5) get to know each other better and can always make plans from there.

Have a good one.
01 Jul, 2023

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Lots of people on here from Germany and surrounding areas so you'll probably get a bite on this mate.

Would be cool for us to see the community meeting up - make sure you send some photos over if you guys meet up with each other at any point. 🫡
02 Jul, 2023

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