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Opinions on Turkey

What do you guys think of Turkey?
27 May, 2023

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Internet is extremely slow mate. If you do any sort of digital work, any sort of large file uploads - absolutely no chance over there.

On the plus side, it's one of the cheapest countries I've been to.

Also, you will be woken up at like 5am every day unless you've got like quadruple-glazed windows.
27 May, 2023
Hey Marcus,
I've been living in Istanbul for 6 years now.
A wonderful city, a beautiful country, pretty cheap if you get your money in dollars, but recently all prices have increased because local sellers realized that the currency will keep getting worse and to reduce losses, they set the values pretty high (The currency literally lost around 50% of its value since 2021)

- A variety of places to visit or activities to do
- A variety of cultural & international food
- If you do digital work, you can go to an internet cafe or rent a good Airbnb with good internet and upload your videos
- Transportation is very easy, they have a decent transportation system

- Communication can be tough, as most locals do not speak English
- The 5 AM Prayer call
- Everything is in Turkish, so you'll definitely need a local who will help you out
- Alcohol is expensive, cigs are okay priced

The question is for you though, what are you looking for if you were to visit?
14 Jun, 2023

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