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Timmy Karter's disturbing pattern of behavior

This is my second post on the youtuber. I don't want to turn this forum into a Timmy Karter fest or give him any more attention than he seeks. But I also feel like this is an important topic that needs to be addressed seriously. I have seen about a half dozen of his videos, mostly his recent Brazil ones (including his infamous 'Illegal Favela Party' video where he literally films hundreds of people at an underground party, with drugs and guns, and doesn't blur any faces). This topic though is going to be about his Brazil Carnival videos. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now that he has grabbed my attention again, I recall a couple of troubling events in the vids.

Firstly, in the video called 'Trapped with Brazil girls in Rio' he encounters a group of young girls who appear to be underage. My guess is that they are 14-16. One of the girls asks him for a kiss, and he gives her a full kiss on the lips. A few comments pointed out how creepy this was, but it never gained much traction. It occurs at the 24-25 minute mark. of the video.

The second one occurs in a video called 'I Was Attacked in Brazil's Carnival'. Between the 17 and 20:30 mark of the video, he encounters a girl who appears to be underage. I would guess she is 15-17. I believe she is not old enough to attend Carnival, so she is using her mom's ID. Timmy flirts with her and appears to either get her phone number or social media information.

I have only seen a handful of his videos, so I don't know if this is normal behavior from him, or if this is common in his other hundreds of videos. And if this is what he is comfortable putting on camera, what does he do off camera?

The age of consent for FOREIGNERS in most Latin American countries is 18, and this is done explicitly to prevent pervs from travelling to the countries.

To be fair to Timmy, I've come up with several possible explanations for this behavior:

1. He was drunk, uninhibited, and acting unlike his usual self.

2. He was only doing it for the camera because he thinks it might appeal to his audience or image (this is creepy but still not illegal)

3. He doesn't know the girls are underage (this is not an excuse, but the guy seems like an idiot so its possible)

4. These events indicate a disturbing pattern of behavior of preying on younger women.

Now these are very serious allegations against Timmy if true, and I don't take them lightly. I want to be fair to him and give him the benefit of the doubt. Do you agree that these scenes indicate disturbing behavior? If anyone is more familiar with his other videos, do you know of other examples of disturbing behavior?
19 Jul, 2023
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This is just what Timmy wants. More attention.

What I would like to know at this point what is being done about the girls and the nice cigar people now in jail for 20 years? Will Kurt Caz go back to cuba and make it right? Check up on them and clear up the situation?

Are the shorts removed now from Facebook?
19 Jul, 2023
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No evidence that those people are in prison. I noticed he changed the title of the video from avoid this man to avoid Kurt Caz. He must not be getting the views he hoped for
19 Jul, 2023
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No evidence that those people are in prison. I noticed he changed the title of the video from avoid this man to avoid Kurt Caz. He must not be getting...
Exactly! This and he changed an older video that he had made in Colombia from "Colombia's Greatest Prostitute" to "Colombia's Greatest Guard." The dude is such a hypocrite. And based on the feedback from his fans, I can see a big age/maturity gap between his viewers and Kurts viewers. Many of Timmy's viewers seem very naive and childish over Timmy's baseless claims. It is quite hilarious, actually.
19 Jul, 2023
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Check Kurt's IG story for a little bit of proof that this "20 years in prison" for the girls is just complete bollocks. Unless Cuba is allowing prisoners to use Whatsapp now? 😆
26 Jul, 2023
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