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YouTube comment scams

I've posted about this on the news section before, but just in case this helps one person, it's worth posting again.

Kurt, nor any other YouTuber in their right mind would mass-respond to comments saying to contact them on Telegram or WhatsApp.

These idiots spam large YouTuber's comment sections, with a new account, using the creator's profile picture, so it slightly looks like it might be them. It's not, the creator will never give you their WhatsApp number, especially publicly in their comment section.

You might be thinking something like, but nobody would fall for that. These guys wouldn't continue to do it if nobody fell for it. We've even had somebody email us to say they got scammed by doing this.

If you see them in Kurt's comments, report it as a scam by clicking the relevant button. Do the internet a favour too, report these guys on any other channel too.
26 Mar, 2023

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If you're a wannabe YouTuber, with some skills. If made well, finding these scammers would be a very popular series of videos. People love to see scammers taken down and exposed.
26 Mar, 2023

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