24 Apr, 2023

Kurt has been off the grid for a while: Why?

Salute soldiers 🫡

You may have noticed for a week or so, Kurt hasn't responded to any forum posts etc.

He's in a place without internet, making content. It'll be out soon. Renato will be very busy over the next couple of weeks.

Lots to come on here, Kurt's main channel and the Kurt Caz Conquest YouTube.


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appreciate the update, good sir.
25 Apr, 2023
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Is this Photo a hint of where he is now? Cuba?
27 Apr, 2023
Awesome to see your are in Cuba. If you get a chance check out la Reliquia in the old town. The owner is cool guy around 40. He is usually there around 7 to 10. A font of useful info. A sweet inexpensive place to stay in Havana Central is Casa Colonia Armando awesome roof top apartment with a big patio and even a small pool. Centrally located between old town and Vedado, easy walk to both. It is near the corner of Perseverencia and Virtudes.
01 May, 2023

Is this Photo a hint of where he is now? Cuba?...
01 May, 2023
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Any good Santaria ceremonies? I know it is popular in Cuba.
03 May, 2023
Nice Cadillac. As I only see this now, I hope you enjoyed Cuba.
05 Jul, 2023

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